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I came across this on an online dating profile. It stuck in my mind and I kept a copy of it because it was on a man’s profile and I was tired of reading men’s profiles blaming women for the situation they were in.

A special toast for women who refuse to be silenced

Here’s to the women who stand up tall,
to the ones who fight and refuse to fall.
The ones that won’t accept defeat,
no matter how depressed or beat

Here’s to the women size twenty or eight,
and to the older ones that still look great.
To the fair of skin or a flawless tan,
to the ones that flirt like would a man

Here’s to the women who just don’t care,
about their looks or what they wear.
To the sexy ones that dress to kill,
and make the men both sweat and chill.

Here’s to the women who will not cower,
when faced with threat or those in power.
To the young, the old, the big, the small,
and the ones who stand each time they fall.

Here’s to the women who just won’t quit,
and those that shout or throw a fit.
To the sweeter ones that wont attack,
but will find a way to pay you back.

Here’s to you all, I raise my glass,
to the women out there no matter your class.
Drink to yourselves and shout out aloud
“I’m a strong special woman and of that I am proud!”

by Gabrielle Llambias

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Every now and then I post a poem, a quote, snippets of various things that friends have sent me.

My perfect little world

In my perfect little world, people greet,
they kiss and hug each time they meet.
Friends hold hands, and calm your fears;
they stick around to wipe your tears.

But in the world today, we just don’t care,
and showing love is somewhat rare.
When times are fun all friends are near,
then things get tough and most disappear.

In my perfect little world, we give and share;
we make it a point, to show we care.
We live to love, and love to live,
and find it easy to forgive.

But in the world today we strive on greed,
and crave the things we rarely need.
We step on others to get our way,
and hurt with what we do or say.

In my perfect little world, children smile,
and parents go that extra mile.
No child is ever harmed or hurt,
abused or treated just like dirt.

But in the world today most people cry,
and only pray in case they die.
We’ve given in to all that’s bad,
and then complain that life is hard.

In my perfect little world were all the same
and life is not a spiteful game.
People are loyal, honest and just,
and value the gift of friendship and trust.

But in the world today it seems,
we’ve lost all hope or goals and dreams.
Malicious acts are seen as witty,
I think it’s sad and such a pity.

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