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Snowy forest

The BBC recently had a fantastic documentary titled British Columbia: Canada’s Olympic Wilderness.

‘Graham Bell and Ed Leigh journey southwards through the frozen province of British Columbia, Canada, towards the home of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. En route, they travel through remote communities cut off from civilisation through the winter, learning how the locals survive off the land.
Leigh and Bell experience this harsh life for themselves alongside miners, loggers and hunters, and find out what it is like to function and work in such harsh conditions. Their journey ends with a gruelling trek on foot through the spectacular Coast Range Mountains into Whistler, one of the Olympic venues.’

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Alexander park, Manchester

A snowy Sunday morning

Alexander Park

Why don't duck's feet freeze?

Alexander Park

The first time I touched snow was when I was 24 years old. I grew up in Africa so the only snow we saw was on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Years later I still get very excited every time I see the white stuff fall.

We have had a mild start to winter in England, but yesterday was the first indication it might turn out to be a cold one. Snow started falling in the afternoon and within five minutes the place was white. I thought the best way to enjoy this is to go outside. I put on my running shoes, wrapped up and went out for a run. It was fantastic, a great way to enjoy the snow fall – my neighbour did think I was a bit crazy, but I came back home feeling really good. This was true spontaneous joy.

The snow has fallen a week before Christmas but if it continues like this we might just have a white Christmas, if not snowy it will be a frozen one!