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The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary, so that the necessary may speak.
Hans Hofmann

Last year I decided to go paperless and aim for a minimalist space. I wasn’t very successful at it, so this year I thought I would give it an other go.  Before I do anything I need to look at why it failed before. Well, I had no plan and had no particular goal.

My improved plan would be to aim for a clean, clutter-​​free and minimal space. I will start small, one room or one storage unit at a time.  Have three boxes: recycle, give and bin, and make myself get rid of five things every week. These five things can be anything and go in either of the three boxes.

I’m sure I will  resist getting rid of some things, but it’s a start, it won’t take up too much of my time. It will be a gradual step to get the minimal, clean, clutter free space I want in my house and home office.

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A number of other blogs have posted something on this topic,  it’s good to see that am not alone on this.

  • Last Wednesday a neighbour knocked on my door asking for some help on a project she’s been working on since August, her deadline was Friday. Her reason for  not doing it sooner,  I’m ‘busy’.
  • A package was left with me for my next door neighbour, I had it for three days. His reason, I’m really busy at work. He passes my front door to go to his car to go to work every day, on one particular day he went past three times!

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Some call it Life List, Bucket List, or have a list at This is a personal list of things I want to try at some stage in my present life, well before I can’t do them. They are not necessarily in order of importance or a complete list.

Why have a list? To remind me to do things, to dream, to challenge me, to motivate me, to experience life, to do things that hopefully would make our world a better place, to help me focus on a goal and make it happen. Based on that and inspiration from the post by Chris Gillebeau of The Art of Non-Conformity, here is my list: Read the rest of this entry »

It’s that time of year… time to reflect on 2009, to look at what I’ve done, where I am and where I’d like to be heading, what my goals for 2010 will be.

My goals for 2009 and what I achieved:

  1. To maintain a steady income for the year. The year started well but half way things changed. 2009 was a bad financial year for most of us so it wasn’t a big surprise. On the positive side it made me look and start various side projects that could generate some income. I have also achieved a lifestyle of frugality.
  2. I wanted to become fitter and to run a 5k/10k event. I didn’t enter an event. I registered for a 10k in October but various circumstances didn’t allow me to take part and I wasn’t as fit as I hoped I would be. But I kept up with my running and I have become considerably fitter and feel better, so I’m pleased with that.
  3. Meet more people, socialize more, maybe start dating. I achieved this. I have made new friends, have been out on dates (some good, others a waste of time), have reconnected with some old friends, colleagues. I have even branched out into some social media sites, which is something I never took seriously.

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By trying to organise my work and personal life I regularly browse the Internet for new motivational tools and ideas.

TeuxDeux is a simple, designy, free, browser-based to-do application. A simple to do list (as they should be), you see everything you need to do at once. Probably the one thing that I find annoying is having to login and remember passwords… yeah there are apps for that!