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For most of us, personal growth and self-development means looking at things that make us happy, learning new skills, improving on existing ones, developing existing or new relationships. Work on things that give us an opportunity to grow and change (for the better) as a person and feel good about ourselves. However, many of us do not think that generosity is an opportunity for personal growth. On a broader aspect generosity means giving your time, knowledge and experience. It is not just about giving money, monetary gifts and donations.

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My pet peeve these days is about people who can’t stop talking about themselves, their life and just being too self-centered for their own good.

My recent experiences in dating and attempts at making new friends, has been somewhat disappointing. Not because I haven’t had that spark, that ‘chemistry’ or made any new friends, but every person I’ve shown an interest has been too self-absorbed.

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This week marked the ‘official’ end of an eight year relationship. After two years of emotional ups and downs, talking to each other only because we had to work together and of course not living together, my ex decided (with pressure from me) to cut all ties with me. My feelings towards this are numb. Oh I’m angry!! but simply because he is getting nasty about the situation and acting like he is doing me a real big favour by moving his things out of my house. I don’t think this relationship was ever meant to be, we had problems right from the start, there was never any love, we couldn’t communicate and I always felt I couldn’t grow as an individual, I felt I was living someone elses life. We both harboured the knowledge that one of us would leave but why did it take us 10 years to do it? There is a big lesson for me there and I need to get on with living my life the way I want it to be and be happy.
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Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.

Maya Angelou

A big problem with online dating is how people can be so different on ‘paper’ and emails, that when you meet them in person the disappointment can knock your confidence.

I met Eoin online and he came across as an understanding, sensitive and open person. The online/phone ‘chemistry’ seemed to be there and I naively thought this might workout. Believe me if you read his messages and heard a telephone conversation you would have thought this guy is worth it. When we met in person, he seemed normal – at least I thought so. We had planned to go for a walk, but going to our destination he started getting annoyed with the traffic and he decided to change the place we were going.

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