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I went off the New Year’s resolution trap a few years back, simply because they never worked. But because I like to mark the new year with something that represents a change, for the past two years, I have picked one topic/theme that I want to concentrate on, and do something about it. This year I will substitute the monthly themes with a word. One word per month that will set the tone for the month and what that word will signify.

MOVE will be my word for January – move on, move forward in my work, my relationships, my life etc. The idea is to have that word in your mind throughout the month and let it guide you to take action.

The idea was originally from The Happiness Project, which is based on a one word theme for the year. Another site that has been doing the same thing is Christine Kane’s word of the year.

I prefer to have one word a month, as that gives me a wider choice in the year, takes me out of my comfort zone. It adds a bit more fun having a different tone every month.

Only one day left for 2010 and like every other blogger I will write something about my goals and resolutions. How did I do with my goals in 2010? I’m not going to go into goal-bashing, but it was not a good year. I started on most of my goals but didn’t really follow-up throughout the year.  I’m glad 2010 is over. Not because I didn’t accomplish my goals but because  for most of the year  I have had this feeling of stagnation. Things don’t seem to be happening. Those times when things with work are not going well. When I can’t seem to meet any new friends or go out with interesting or compatible people. When I have too much time on my hands and don’t know what to do with it or too little time and don’t know where it’s all going. Life is just not happening. I refused to be  in this unproductive  state in the new year, I need to get out of it.

So 2011 will be out with the old in with the new. 2011 is also the year of the Rabbit (for the Chinese) and it’s supposed to be a good year for rabbits. I hope to make this a better year, whether I make resolutions, set new goals or not, whether I make life changes or not. Obviously, it is easier said than done, so defining how I’ll accomplish these changes and sticking to them is a must. Over time  I will define my goals, as I work on them I will know which of  them are most likely to grow and concentrate my efforts on them.

So out with the old in with the new!

I’ve always considered myself an introvert and shy. Most people think an introvert is a shy person, but I think shyness has little to do with being an introvert. When I’m shy, I get nervous and anxious and avoid the situations that make me feel like that. You probably won’t see me at a conference talk or any kind of public speaking, I avoid them as much as possible.

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Buddha purchased a copy of The Big Issue from a street vendor with a £10 note. When Buddha asked for his change the vendor looked with a smile and said, “Ah, change must come from within”.

– Anon.

Every two years I tend to have a crisis in my life, it can be anything from work, to relationships, health or other personal issues. At the moment it feels like nothing seems to be working out. I feel I have become like a zombie – lack of meaning in my life, not happy and not really ‘alive’. Defeat and boredom kicked in long time ago. Normally I would run away or avoid the issue. Having these symptoms is life telling me, to run again. Not in the physical sense, but to start fresh. To ignite a spark that will light a new life, with a deeper meaning, broader experience and much more fulfillment that I’ve had so far.

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The only thing I fear more than change is no change.
The business of being static makes me nuts.”
-Twyla Tharp

A Twitter link caught my eye today…‘how curious people can be happier’, this was linked to an article about the benefits of curiosity. Curiosity might have ‘killed the cat’, but I find people who are curious to be far more interesting, enthusiastic and responsive people. To quote the article, The Power of Curiosity:

Discover how cultivating an inquiring mind can help you lead a happier, healthier life.

Curiosity, at its core, is all about noticing and being drawn to things we find interesting. It’s about recognizing and seizing the pleasures that novel experiences offer us, and finding novelty and meaning even in experiences that are familiar.

When we are curious, we see things differently; we use our powers of observation more fully. We sense what is happening in the present moment, taking note of what is, regardless of what it looked like before or what we might have expected it to be.

We feel alive and engaged, more capable of embracing opportunities, making connections, and experiencing moments of insight and meaning — all of which provide the foundation for a rich, aware and satisfying life experience. …

There are five important ways that curiosity enhances our well-being and the quality of our lives:

  1. Health
  2. Intelligence
  3. Social Relationships
  4. Happiness
  5. Meaning

The author goes into detail on how you can tune in and awaken your curiosity, things you can do on a daily basis.

One of the best ways to better appreciate the power of curiosity is to start exercising it more consciously in your daily experiences. By doing so, you can transform routine tasks, enlivening them with new energy. You will also likely begin to notice more situations that have the potential to engage you, giving your curiosity even more opportunities to flourish. …

You can read the article, ‘The Power of Curiosity‘, it’s a long article but very interesting.

For most of us, personal growth and self-development means looking at things that make us happy, learning new skills, improving on existing ones, developing existing or new relationships. Work on things that give us an opportunity to grow and change (for the better) as a person and feel good about ourselves. However, many of us do not think that generosity is an opportunity for personal growth. On a broader aspect generosity means giving your time, knowledge and experience. It is not just about giving money, monetary gifts and donations.

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Illuminated Mind & Body has a great article on solving a problem.

Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem. Sometimes the smartest choice is giving up.

I don’t think that giving up should be your primary method for dealing with problems. But there are certainly a lot of cases where it just seems to be the most intelligent answer.

The more I stop trying to force things to happen, the more they just seem to sort themselves out. The more I let things happen, the less time I spend trying to make them happen.

Giving up is really about honoring your feelings. It’s about giving up trying to force yourself into a mold of societal shoulds and embracing your true self.

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I’ve been a ‘casual’ runner for just under three years before that I was a keen swimmer and would do the odd bit of cycling. Yesterday I went out running with a neighbour, who is trying to lose weight before she goes on her Easter holiday (which is in about a month’s time!!). This is about her fourth attempt at making exercise a regular thing. She usually finds all sorts of excuses not to do any exercise, but she also seems to find reason why I should not be running, …“I don’t need to lose weight, I’m going to get a cold, it’s not good for the knees, it’s not safe etc”.

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