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This week marked the ‘official’ end of an eight year relationship. After two years of emotional ups and downs, talking to each other only because we had to work together and of course not living together, my ex decided (with pressure from me) to cut all ties with me. My feelings towards this are numb. Oh I’m angry!! but simply because he is getting nasty about the situation and acting like he is doing me a real big favour by moving his things out of my house. I don’t think this relationship was ever meant to be, we had problems right from the start, there was never any love, we couldn’t communicate and I always felt I couldn’t grow as an individual, I felt I was living someone elses life. We both harboured the knowledge that one of us would leave but why did it take us 10 years to do it? There is a big lesson for me there and I need to get on with living my life the way I want it to be and be happy.
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I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s day,  I’ve always believed every relationship is different and you have your own ‘special day’ to celebrate your love for each other. Every relationship has an individuality to it and Valentine’s day attempts to take it away and instil particular ways and clichés to which we should follow. That is anything but romantic and a bit offensive. I am very romantic but not to order.

Maybe some relationships need a reminder to love each other and this is a day for them! But we don’t need another day geared to spend money, or to make us feel bad and guilty if we don’t celebrate, or remind us that we are single, not in a relationship. We have Christmas and New Year to remind us.

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Every now and then I post a poem, a quote, snippets of various things that friends have sent me.

My perfect little world

In my perfect little world, people greet,
they kiss and hug each time they meet.
Friends hold hands, and calm your fears;
they stick around to wipe your tears.

But in the world today, we just don’t care,
and showing love is somewhat rare.
When times are fun all friends are near,
then things get tough and most disappear.

In my perfect little world, we give and share;
we make it a point, to show we care.
We live to love, and love to live,
and find it easy to forgive.

But in the world today we strive on greed,
and crave the things we rarely need.
We step on others to get our way,
and hurt with what we do or say.

In my perfect little world, children smile,
and parents go that extra mile.
No child is ever harmed or hurt,
abused or treated just like dirt.

But in the world today most people cry,
and only pray in case they die.
We’ve given in to all that’s bad,
and then complain that life is hard.

In my perfect little world were all the same
and life is not a spiteful game.
People are loyal, honest and just,
and value the gift of friendship and trust.

But in the world today it seems,
we’ve lost all hope or goals and dreams.
Malicious acts are seen as witty,
I think it’s sad and such a pity.

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