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I usually like to go out running to get away from the stress and whatever might be bothering me. It’s at that time I would rather be listening uplifting and positive topics. Recently A, someone whom I used to run with decided she needed to get back into running and asked me if I would like to go with her. I had my doubts because as before it’s a start stop thing and she is never in it for long or doesn’t take it seriously. A doesn’t run, she walks, gossips, all conversations are basically what others are doing to her, complains about everything and everyone and maybe a two-minute jog in between. I don’t enjoy it, which is why I limit myself on how many times I would go walking with her. I usually go with the flow and just listen (or try to ignore it). I recognize that relationships are active and therefore require tending from both sides.

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My pet peeve these days is about people who can’t stop talking about themselves, their life and just being too self-centered for their own good.

My recent experiences in dating and attempts at making new friends, has been somewhat disappointing. Not because I haven’t had that spark, that ‘chemistry’ or made any new friends, but every person I’ve shown an interest has been too self-absorbed.

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I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s day,  I’ve always believed every relationship is different and you have your own ‘special day’ to celebrate your love for each other. Every relationship has an individuality to it and Valentine’s day attempts to take it away and instil particular ways and clichés to which we should follow. That is anything but romantic and a bit offensive. I am very romantic but not to order.

Maybe some relationships need a reminder to love each other and this is a day for them! But we don’t need another day geared to spend money, or to make us feel bad and guilty if we don’t celebrate, or remind us that we are single, not in a relationship. We have Christmas and New Year to remind us.

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A number of other blogs have posted something on this topic,  it’s good to see that am not alone on this.

  • Last Wednesday a neighbour knocked on my door asking for some help on a project she’s been working on since August, her deadline was Friday. Her reason for  not doing it sooner,  I’m ‘busy’.
  • A package was left with me for my next door neighbour, I had it for three days. His reason, I’m really busy at work. He passes my front door to go to his car to go to work every day, on one particular day he went past three times!

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Last week I sent an email to a friend with the subject line:

I’m on a rant here…‘,

Her reply…

‘…feel free to rant away! It’s good for the soul 😀

With that thought, I decided to include topics in this blog of things that ‘bug the hell out of me‘. Call it winging, complaining, whatever. It’s just plain therapeutic for me. At least this way if I’m angry with someone they don’t get to hear it. This blog was not going to be a place for tips, a how-to or resource lists. It’s a place to share ideas and solutions and think out the things that have helped me feel better about my life and develop as a person.