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I came across this on an online dating profile. It stuck in my mind and I kept a copy of it because it was on a man’s profile and I was tired of reading men’s profiles blaming women for the situation they were in.

A special toast for women who refuse to be silenced

Here’s to the women who stand up tall,
to the ones who fight and refuse to fall.
The ones that won’t accept defeat,
no matter how depressed or beat

Here’s to the women size twenty or eight,
and to the older ones that still look great.
To the fair of skin or a flawless tan,
to the ones that flirt like would a man

Here’s to the women who just don’t care,
about their looks or what they wear.
To the sexy ones that dress to kill,
and make the men both sweat and chill.

Here’s to the women who will not cower,
when faced with threat or those in power.
To the young, the old, the big, the small,
and the ones who stand each time they fall.

Here’s to the women who just won’t quit,
and those that shout or throw a fit.
To the sweeter ones that wont attack,
but will find a way to pay you back.

Here’s to you all, I raise my glass,
to the women out there no matter your class.
Drink to yourselves and shout out aloud
“I’m a strong special woman and of that I am proud!”

by Gabrielle Llambias

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Discovering lives of extraordinary women who you never hear about.

Cameron's 1867, photograph of Hypatia

Hypatia of Alexandria. (Greek: Ὑπατία)
Born between AD 350 and 370; died March 415
A Greek scholar from Alexandria, Egypt . Hypatia was the first woman to make a substantial contribution to the development of mathematics, also taught philosophy and astronomy.  She was murdered by a Christian mob who felt threatened by her scholarship, learning, and depth of scientific knowledge, blamed her for religious turmoil, she was a pagan.

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Hypatia – philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician