This is a journal of my search and my personal adventures towards being happier, feeling good, getting to know myself and changing things I don’t like in my life.

The idea started after reading Gretchen Rubin’s, The Happiness Project. February 2008 I started working on this project – my attempts to find what makes me feel good and happy.  After reading numerous self-help books I always felt I was going round and round and I wasn’t really feeling any better or happier. Different methods work for different people so I decided to record the ways that worked for me.

I recorded my attempts in a paper journal. Having made some progress and noticed improvements, I thought it would be best to put all this information into a blog, to motivate myself even more. I will still be keeping my paper journal as I find it a very useful way to record my thoughts and actions. A lot of the things I have done are minor things and if I had to log in to my computer/blog I would not have recorded them. By writing down my attempts, observations and learnings, I will stay committed in my journey to feeling good.

I will be updating this blog on a regular basis, the format of the blog will probably change but it will still be about my attempts at becoming a happier person. Hopefully, there are things here that you find interesting, can try them or the least inspire you to try something.

About me

I am a very private person so putting this personal information in a blog is a big step for me. For now I will remain aloof guarding my privacy and  I will not be writing a full description of me, as this is usually for family and friends, the people who know me well … so sorry you will have to wait… until I know you well enough! Due to the subject of this blog, the more I write will no doubt reveal a bit about me, so if you have a deep desire to learn about the person writing this blog your best option would be to read it!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read it.