“Life becomes precious and more special to us when we look for the little everyday miracles and get excited about the privileges of simply being human. – Tim Hansel

My Feel Good List  (vol. 1)

I was inspired to do this list after reading the Happiness Project’s various tips and ideas on what can make one happier. Most of the ideas are not expensive or elaborate but simple, satisfying and enjoyable. I’ve always believed it’s the little things that bring us happiness and smiles to our lives and generally make us feel better. Life does not come with a guarantee or a schedule so why not appreciate the little things that make a difference.

Here’s a list of what I’ve got so far, the little things that can make me feel goooood about life :

  1. The feeling after a good workout.
  2. Walking barefoot in the grass or the feeling of warm sand between my toes.
  3. Enjoy the feeling and smell of clean sheets – even better if they are cotton on a warm night.
  4. An unexpected compliment.
  5. Feeling confident.
  6. Picking the fastest moving checkout line at the supermarket.
  7. Being surprised.
  8. A good hair cut.
  9. Have a hot cup of tea on a cold day.
  10. A small achievementfixing a leaky tap on my own or simply finishing off a project.
  11. The smell of freshly cut grass.
  12. A long swimming on a hot day.
  13. A small unexpected gesture of kindness or support from someone.
  14. Indulge in my favorite chocolate.
  15. Taking  a nap in the afternoon, even better if it’s hot and humid.
  16. A small change to my routine to make my day feel exciting and different.
  17. Something funny it makes me laugh uncontrollably – a few episodes of Friends have been good for that.
  18. Listen to my favourite music.
  19. Finding money I didn’t know I had – usually left in a coat pocket and then forgotten.
  20. Watching a great sunset or sunrise.
  21. A smile from a stranger or smiling at a stranger and see their reaction.
  22. Wake up early and enjoy the peacefulness
  23. Eat freshly baked bread with feta cheese and olives.
  24. A few minutes of deep breathing.
  25. Playing with my nieces or nephews.
  26. The smell of rain after a dry spell – everything seems fresh and revitalized.
  27. Watch a movie that you didn’t think was going to be good but turned out really great.
  28. Flowers or chocolate I didn’t expect – doesn’t mean they have to come from someone else, why not go and buy them.
  29. An embrace that lasts just a little longer than usual – a long hug, a long slow kiss!!
  30. Feel the wind blow through my hair.
  31. A hot shower on a cold night.
  32. A good stretch – loosens the muscles and gives a good relaxing feeling.
  33. The feeling of relief after the pain of either a headache or a toothache has gone.
  34. The taste of freshly picked organic produce.
  35. Watching a cat play or just spending a few minutes with animals.

Why make such a list? To remember to slow down, and take time to focus on the little things that help make my day a little bit brighter.