My pet peeve these days is about people who can’t stop talking about themselves, their life and just being too self-centered for their own good.

My recent experiences in dating and attempts at making new friends, has been somewhat disappointing. Not because I haven’t had that spark, that ‘chemistry’ or made any new friends, but every person I’ve shown an interest has been too self-absorbed.

I hate people who talk on and on about themselves, thinking only of themselves, their feelings, how something affects them and any actions on their part is for their own benefit. They are the ones that talk about something that you have absolutely no interest in, don’t even bother to ask you or even can’t see that you are not interested in. They go on about how others treat them and never express an interest in your life. It’s all about ME (them) kinda thing. Not fun!

Sometime back I was reading an article on an interview of a band, one of the members was asked why they didn’t speak highly of a talk show they were on. One of the band members said, “I have a three question rule for interviews. If a person says three things about themselves without asking a single thing about me, I move on.”

What a wonderful rule. Don’t let more than three questions go by without asking something about the other person. I’m usually the one asking the questions, taking an interest in the person I’m talking to. If I don’t ask something about them I feel terrible afterwards! This rule will help me realise when am in self-absorption-ville and time to get out.

Maybe it’s the attitude ,“I’m independent and don’t care what others think”, or “I don’t want to intrude in your life”, or “I have enough friends”. When it happens more than once and a simple question, “how are you”, is never asked, then you know you are dealing with a self-absorbed individual.

Dale Carnegie said, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”