I’ve been a ‘casual’ runner for just under three years before that I was a keen swimmer and would do the odd bit of cycling. Yesterday I went out running with a neighbour, who is trying to lose weight before she goes on her Easter holiday (which is in about a month’s time!!). This is about her fourth attempt at making exercise a regular thing. She usually finds all sorts of excuses not to do any exercise, but she also seems to find reason why I should not be running, …“I don’t need to lose weight, I’m going to get a cold, it’s not good for the knees, it’s not safe etc”.

I think after a couple of years I would have figured out why I enjoy running and why I continue to do it. I find that running is the best overall exercise I can do and the minimalist in me enjoys the fact that running is  low-tech. All you need are good running shoes, a T’shirt or long-sleeved shirt, shorts or jogging trousers (pants). I don’t take anything with me, sometimes I like to listen to music so an MP3 player but that’s all I might take.

Some of the reasons that I do it and enjoy running are listed below:

  • I run to keep fit and healthy
  • I feel more confident and relaxed on most days
  • I like the feeling of a healthy body and feeling energized
  • I like how I feel after a run – a natural high!!
  • It has become a time to think, reflect and de-stress
  • Less back aches and other aches & pains I used to get
  • I look younger (and taller – my niece noticed that I was getting taller)
  • quality of sleep is better, I usually wake up refreshed
  • I have become more sociable, have made new friends
  • I’m in good shape which means I can eat anything as I can burn it off
  • I have more structure and discipline during the day
  • I don’t have to spend a lot of money to benefit from it
  • I run because I can and I gives me chance to spend time outside.

Running can be done whenever and wherever; it doesn’t require special equipment or a membership or driving somewhere to do it. It can be fun and challenging.