Snowy forest

The BBC recently had a fantastic documentary titled British Columbia: Canada’s Olympic Wilderness.

‘Graham Bell and Ed Leigh journey southwards through the frozen province of British Columbia, Canada, towards the home of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. En route, they travel through remote communities cut off from civilisation through the winter, learning how the locals survive off the land.
Leigh and Bell experience this harsh life for themselves alongside miners, loggers and hunters, and find out what it is like to function and work in such harsh conditions. Their journey ends with a gruelling trek on foot through the spectacular Coast Range Mountains into Whistler, one of the Olympic venues.’

I’ve never been to Canada and have had a deep desire to go and spend time there. There are all sorts of reason why I haven’t been yet! The big one being, it’s cold…  Ok, not all of Canada is like the north, but it seems the most spectacular scenery is there. Why would anyone want to live there, be cold all the time, have to wear layers and layers of clothes every day? The presenters asked the same question and the only way to find out why was to spend time there. As one of the presenters said…”you stop trying to make sense of things, stop worrying about the cold, you are just content”…

The people there have a fairly simple life …“a lot of hard work and then a bit of fun. It’s not the hardship of their lives, it’s not what they do, it’s where they do it. They conquer the hardship and they get their reward… to live in Canada’s wilderness”.

How amazing is that! It looked truly beautiful and made me look at the cold in a different way. I suppose I would have to learn to ski or snowboard if I really want to have fun there!

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