I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s day,  I’ve always believed every relationship is different and you have your own ‘special day’ to celebrate your love for each other. Every relationship has an individuality to it and Valentine’s day attempts to take it away and instil particular ways and clichés to which we should follow. That is anything but romantic and a bit offensive. I am very romantic but not to order.

Maybe some relationships need a reminder to love each other and this is a day for them! But we don’t need another day geared to spend money, or to make us feel bad and guilty if we don’t celebrate, or remind us that we are single, not in a relationship. We have Christmas and New Year to remind us.

So why am I writing a post on it? I always think of it as just another day but you can’t seem to get away from it. It has become over commercialized even the local post office was selling Valentine’s day cards! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was refreshing to see these anti-Valentine’s day cards.

Someone else card

Can be found at www.meish.org