A number of other blogs have posted something on this topic,  it’s good to see that am not alone on this.

  • Last Wednesday a neighbour knocked on my door asking for some help on a project she’s been working on since August, her deadline was Friday. Her reason for  not doing it sooner,  I’m ‘busy’.
  • A package was left with me for my next door neighbour, I had it for three days. His reason, I’m really busy at work. He passes my front door to go to his car to go to work every day, on one particular day he went past three times!

We all have a life, so everyone is busy with their lives. But why is it that some people need to constantly complain about it instead of getting on with it. Is it that we take on too many things, we are disorganized or just lazy. In my experience very busy people don’t necessarily do a good job. They have too many things going on and nothing gets their full attention.

Why is it that some people find the time to do everything and others can’t and act as though they are victims of the commitments in their lives. Are we doing things because we have to, are we obliged to do and don’t want to do them, maybe want to feel important and impress people with the amount of work we have. Or are we busy because we are being productive, are enjoying what we are doing, loving it, enthusiastic about it?

If you really want to do things that are important, you’ll find the time to do them. We can find the time  by being organized and limiting unproductive distractions – less TV, less emails, less Twitter, put down the iPhone or Blackberry, less Internet browsing etc. There is always something more important and we always make time for what is important. In addition some of the busiest people I know never actually say that they’re busy they just get on with it. My sister has a packed life and schedule, I’ve never heard her say she is too busy and will always find the time for others.

There are some people who use this as an excuse, a social pleasantry, an apology, usually a one-off. I find the ones that use it all the time, are actually not busy but just disorganized and never get on with what is important. How many times have I arranged to go running with my running partners and they don’t show up, their excuse …I was too busy. Maybe they are, maybe exercise isn’t as important to them as it is to me, but I would rather they tell me they can’t make it and respect my time. It’s kind of implying that I’m not busy or have no responsibilities, therefore I have the time to exercise. Or it’s a way to tell me I’m not a priority in their busy life. It doesn’t make them look more important, it just makes them look more disorganized and inconsiderate.

Of course I’m guilty of having given that excuse. My problem is that I’m not focused enough while I’m  busy. I get distracted and procrastinate and I end up with unfinished projects or badly done work. I have no problem admitting it, but I’ve always taken into consideration other people’s time. Last week I asked my sister if we could go and pick up something from an office, I knew she had a lot going on that week, but instead of saying to me I don’t have time, she said, let’s go now as I have some free time’…

No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every hour, you’d be more productive.

~  Joyce Brothers

Maybe we need to simplify our lives, to stop being so busy and be more productive.

If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.

– Cicero