Some call it Life List, Bucket List, or have a list at This is a personal list of things I want to try at some stage in my present life, well before I can’t do them. They are not necessarily in order of importance or a complete list.

Why have a list? To remind me to do things, to dream, to challenge me, to motivate me, to experience life, to do things that hopefully would make our world a better place, to help me focus on a goal and make it happen. Based on that and inspiration from the post by Chris Gillebeau of The Art of Non-Conformity, here is my list:

  1. Travel the world – I’ve travelled a fair bit but there are still many places I would like to visit.
  2. Swim with dolphins in the wild.
  3. Learn another foreign language – I speak three different languages, two of them fluent, so I would love to learn another one – Spanish or Italian?
  4. Learn Aikido.
  5. Go to the Summer Olympics – done this, Athens 2004. I would do it again with the next opportunity  which is London 2012.
  6. Create a non-profit organisation to help others less privileged than I am.
  7. Learn to scuba dive.
  8. Own my business –  a Tea bar or Stationary shop or a Sweet shop (the old style where you pick the sweets from a jar).
  9. Fly first class – done it. Worth it for really long flights.
  10. Learn rock climbing.
  11. Go whale watching – I did this in Australia, but because the whales were at a distance it wasn’t so fantastic. Still an unforgettable and calming experience. Not crossing it out just yet.
  12. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro (before the snow melts).
  13. Camp in the Ngorongoro Crater.
  14. Follow the East African wildebeest migration.
  15. Spend time in a Buddhist temple learning from monks – meditation to martial arts.
  16. Become a great photographer.
  17. Make a living from photography.
  18. Learn to draw cartoons.
  19. See the Northern Lights.
  20. Run a marathon.
  21. Do some volunteer work – done it. I take on a new project every year.
  22. Learn archery.
  23. Have a photograph published in the National Geographic magazine! … dream on!!
  24. Learn to ride a horse – I don’t think I will ever need it but hey it’s fun!
  25. Look like a runner – lithe, toned and willowy and fabulous – nearly there!!
  26. Build or convert my house to an environmentally sustainable one (doing it at a very slow pace).

Some things I have missed out of this public list, others I will be adding the more I think about my goals. I realise for some of these things to happen I should have a tangible deadline making it more likely to do, alternatively they just become another list.

I love crossing them out once done!