It’s that time of year… time to reflect on 2009, to look at what I’ve done, where I am and where I’d like to be heading, what my goals for 2010 will be.

My goals for 2009 and what I achieved:

  1. To maintain a steady income for the year. The year started well but half way things changed. 2009 was a bad financial year for most of us so it wasn’t a big surprise. On the positive side it made me look and start various side projects that could generate some income. I have also achieved a lifestyle of frugality.
  2. I wanted to become fitter and to run a 5k/10k event. I didn’t enter an event. I registered for a 10k in October but various circumstances didn’t allow me to take part and I wasn’t as fit as I hoped I would be. But I kept up with my running and I have become considerably fitter and feel better, so I’m pleased with that.
  3. Meet more people, socialize more, maybe start dating. I achieved this. I have made new friends, have been out on dates (some good, others a waste of time), have reconnected with some old friends, colleagues. I have even branched out into some social media sites, which is something I never took seriously.

I met some of my sub-goals like improving my skills and knowledge on my photography, follow-up some ongoing projects – gardening, learning new skills for my work, starting a blog, simplifying my life. I didn’t have complete success, but I am happy with what I did do. Do I feel better about it? Yes I believe so.

Areas of my life I will focus in 2010

I’ve never been good at New Year’s resolutions and the last couple of years I have set ongoing goals instead. I find resolutions bring me too much anxiety and I end up feeling I haven’t accomplished much. By having ongoing goals and aims I feel I’m acheiving something even if it’s a small change or improvement. I have noticed that by getting one aspect of your life in order and meeting those goals, the others seem to follow or become much easier to do.

Last year’s main focus was on  fitness and relationships. 2010 will be about work and passions (hobbies and interests). I obviously have to be more specific on what I have to do, a post will follow-up on this.

My secondary goals for 2010 will follow on from last year:

  1. Relationships: spend more time with friends. I have some specific plans to make sure I’m making this happen.
  2. Fitness: increase my fitness level, attempt to learn a new sport or do something that I have wanted to do but never found the time.
  3. Travel, hopefully to a country I haven’t been to before. South Africa/Namibia have been on my plans.

Loosely defined these are the goals I am aiming for. I may add one or two but for now these are the ones that are my priority.