The point of this project is make a positive change in my life. To feel good, feel happier and do less of what makes me feel worse! I did this in a way that I enjoyed, was interesting and had fun in the process.

For each month I have focused on an activity that would make me feel better or happier. Most activities were based on a ‘life area’:

  • January – Exercise (Physical)
  • February – Get organised, clear debt (Professional/Intellectual)
  • March – Help others (Social, Spiritual)
  • April – Think positive, find new work (Psychological/Spiritual/Professional)
  • May – Travel (Recreational, Social)
  • June – Gardening (Recreational)
  • July – Go outside (Recreational, Social, Spiritual)
  • August – Sharpen my professional skills (Professional/Intellectual)
  • September – Meditate (Spiritual)
  • October – Finish projects, follow my interests
  • November – Develop relationships (Social)
  • December – Simplify my life

By focusing on one activity it did not mean that other activities were forgotten, they were ongoing and part of my daily/weekly life. There were months where I didn’t acheive anything but I tried. I believe anything positive we do eventually turns out to be valuable. But what I have noticed is that by getting one aspect of your life in order, others seem to follow. Mine started with fitness and health.

Coming to the end of an other year I can now see what worked (or not), how I feel about it and if I should continue with it or try something different.