Good health and physical well-being are an important part of living a balanced life. Anything related to the physical body and its well-being falls under this life area. Things I have included are: good health, keeping fit/exercise, nutrition, improving or/and keeping a good appearance, hygiene, strength training, energy.

The benefits of exercise are not only physical but benefit our mental health as well. Exercise is a great mood booster, offering a way to concentrate,  de-stress, feel good about yourself, sleep better. So I started off  the project by making exercise/keeping fit a part of my routine.

My fitness level is average, but I wanted to see visible results, as I have never really pushed myself.  However forcing myself to do structured exercise and having it happen automatically as part of my weekly routine, was not easy and needed a concentrated effort.  I also had to decide what form of exercise I would do and stick to it.

Running fit the bill

I’ve always been a keen swimmer and I would love to have a swimming pool in my back garden or live by the sea (unfortunately I don’t!). I wanted something I could do whenever and wherever; something that didn’t require special equipment or a membership or driving somewhere to do it. Running fit the bill.

In the past my attempts at running were always start-stop, I would give up and then try again. This time I was going to stick to it… and I have!!

It’s been less than two years since I took up running seriously and in that time I have grown to enjoy it. I have since reaped some benefits – increased my fitness level, toned up and I look like a runner – toned and willowy!! I feel more confident, it has become a time to think and de-stress. I like how I feel, and that has made me want to keep working at it. We know exercise is good for you but I had not realised it would make such an impact in my life.